Kindergarten Registration

Welcome to Centreville Elementary School!

We're excited to welcome our newest kindergarten Eagles!

We are a school in Fairfax County, Virginia. To join us, first determine if your student lives in Centreville Elementary School boundary by viewing the FCPS boundary locator. If your student does live in the Centreville Elementary School boundary, please fill out the kindergarten registration intake form below. Your form will be submitted to Jenny Kim, our school's Student Information Assistant, who will be able to assist you with the registration process.

Looking to Register A Rising 1st Through 6th Grade Student Instead?

Please submit this kindergarten registration intake form in English.

If you are looking to register a 1st - 6th-grade student, please use our Grades 1-6 new registration form.

Student Mailing Address
Please enter the street address that the student will be residing at within our community.
Please enter the day, month, and year the student was born. For example - January 12, 2002

A student who is being registered for kindergarten must be at least five years old by September 30 of the year they will be starting kindergarten.
If applicable, please share any additional information that you would like our school Student Information Assistant to know.
Note: Submitting this form does not register the student. Submitting this form begins the new student registration process with the school. Our school Student Information Assistant will contact you with the next steps to get your new student enrolled quickly and efficiently.

Kindergarten Registration Forms

Visit the FCPS kindergarten registration page to learn more. 

Completing the Process at the School

When you are ready to come to the school to complete your registration paperwork, please contact Jenny Kim, our school's Student Information Assistant by email at [email protected] or phone at 703-502-3500 to set up an appointment. You will be informed of all other documents that you'll need to present at your visit. These include:

  • Original birth certificate: If a birth certificate is not available, the FCPS affidavit with substantiating documentation is required.     
    • Affidavit forms may be obtained at the school.  
  • Proof of residency: All families sign a FCPS Residency Attestation to certify that the student lives at the address of registration. A current mortgage statement, a current, fully-executed lease (signed by both the landlord/management company and tenant), or deed/closing documents to the home is required. If you are sharing a residence, you must provide the necessary supporting documentation at registration.
  • Parent Photo ID: Only a parent who is named on the child's birth certificate is eligible to enroll the student. The parent will be required to present government-issued photo identification.

Additional Resources

Registering a Student Whose Home Language Is Other Than or In Addition to English

Student families wishing to register a student with a home language other than or in addition to English should please contact the FCPS Student Registration Welcome Center. Here professionals may assess your student's English language skill and/or educational level. These assessments can provide valuable information to the local school and support your child's instructional needs.  

Special Registration Situations

Special registration situations can include nonparent registrations, situations involving divorced or separated parents, homelessness, foster care, and foreign exchange students.

Military Family Registration

FCPS welcomes responsive and collaborative communication and partnerships with the parents and families of our students.

Frequently Asked Questions

My child won’t turn 5 until the summer—should I wait to begin the enrollment process until after their birthday?

No, as long as the 5th birthday is before September 30, you can enroll your child now.  Registering early helps the school make appropriate plans for the number of teachers, classrooms, and equipment that will be needed in the fall. 

Our child’s check-up exam isn’t scheduled until the summer.  Should I wait to begin the enrollment process until my child’s immunizations are up to date?

Immunization records do not have to be complete to register your child for kindergarten. For school entrance in Virginia, your child must have at least one dose of each required immunization when they START kindergarten in August.  You may register your child by bringing in the incomplete immunization record and then submit the updated immunization record before the start of school. 

I am planning to move into your school’s boundaries over the summer.  Should I wait to enroll my child in kindergarten until we move?  

As long as you have proof of residency, you may go ahead and get your registration started.   

Our home is in another school’s boundaries, but I want my child to attend Centreville ES instead.  How can I get a transfer?

You will first need to register at your base school and then apply for a student transfer online.

My child turns 5 years old on October 1.  Can I make a special request for them to start kindergarten this year?  

Per Policy 2202, “Admissions, Residency, and Attendance—Eligibility for Enrollment”, Fairfax County Public Schools shall be free to each Fairfax County resident whose fifth (5th) birthday falls on or before September 30 of the school year.”  Therefore, a child with a birthdate of October 1, 2024 or later would not be eligible for kindergarten in 
the 2024–2025 school year.

Do I have to be present to complete my child’s kindergarten enrollment or can I send their stepparent, grandparent, etc., to your office to turn in the required documents?  

The child’s parent/legal guardian must be present to enroll the student. 

Does my child need to attend the registration appointment?  

No.  A kindergarten registration appointment consists of paperwork submission and review only, and the appointments generally take 15-30 minutes. 

I cannot find my child’s birth certificate.  Where can I get one? 

For a certified copy of your birth certificate, contact the vital records office in the state where they were born for instructions on how to request a copy and get information on any fees.

When is kindergarten orientation?

REGISTERED students and parents are invited to an orientation on Tuesday, June 4 at the school. 

Should my child attend kindergarten orientation?

Yes!  This is a great opportunity for your child to tour the school, meet the administrators and teachers, see the kindergarten classrooms, and ride the bus.

When will we find out our child’s teacher?   

During the week before school, CES conducts the “Welcome Walk.” Your teacher will introduce themself by coming to your door! If you are not home, you will receive a hang tag on your door. You will also have the opportunity to meet your teacher and drop off school supplies during the Open House right before school starts.

When/Where can I apply for free/reduced lunch?

During the summer, check the FCPS Free and Reduced Meals site for the online application.

When will I find out my child’s bus information?  

FCPS Transportation will contact you right before school starts, so stay tuned for that information in the days right before school starts.