Outdoor Learning

Outdoor learning is a part of our school culture at CES. With our 17 outdoor classrooms and multiple garden spaces, teachers take their students outside to learn or bring the outside into their classroom (ie: hatching butterflies). When you come to our school campus, you will see teachers and students learning outside. Sometimes they are reading in the peace of a garden, other times they are conducting science experiments or doing math.

Research, by Richard Louv, shows that students who learn outside are more likely to be successful learners, as it gives them the opportunity to:

  • freedom to move
  • develop self-esteem
  • take personal responsibility
  • co-operate with and respect the needs of others
  • extend their personal horizons through greater appreciation and understanding of the world and its peoples around them
  • understand the need for sustainable relationships between people and their environment
  • enhance practical problem-solving and teamwork skills
  • promote a positive and knowledgeable response towards personal health and well being