Supply List for Second Grade

Second Grade

Please Note:  There are two supply lists this year:  One for ‘Virtual Instruction’ to start the year and another ‘In Person’ supply list for when students return to the building.  

Virtual Supply List

1    package of #2 pencils

1    box of 24 count crayons OR 12 count colored pencils

2    marble Composition books

1    pink bevel eraser

1    pair of 5” scissors

1    pair of headphones

      Whiteboard markers


In-School Supply List

Please Note:  Clorox/Lysol wipes are OPTIONAL for parents/guardians to send in. FCPS provides cleaning supplies for the staff. Individual teachers may request replenishing supplies throughout the school year.

1     package Ticonderoga pencils 

1     pack crayons, 24 count OR colored pencils, 12 count

1     pink eraser

1     pair of headphones

1     pair 5” scissors

2     marble composition books                                   

2     large Elmer’s glue sticks

1     8 oz. hand sanitizer

1     box of facial tissues

1     box 15-count quart ziplocs (girls)

1     box 15-count gallon ziplocs (boys)

2     Clorox Wipes (optional)

1     pair of headphones (no ear buds)

1     plastic pencil box

       Whiteboard markers

No Wheeled backpacks!