Supply List for Kindergarten



1     box SOFT Puffs or Kleenex tissues

1     blunt 5” Fiskar scissors

3     boxes Crayola Crayons (24count)

1     box 12 Count Crayola Colored Pencils (Boys)

5     jumbo Elmer’s white glue sticks (large size)

2     boxes Hefty “One Zip” freezer bags

      Gallon (last name A-F), quart size (last name G-R) or snack size (last name S-Z)

2    waterless hand sanitizers (8 fl. oz.) i.e. Purell (Boys)

2    Clorox wipes (Girls)

12  TICONDEROGA BLACK pencils (these last much longer)

2     pink Pearl erasers

4     dry erase markers (multi-color/rainbow)

2     Flair felt tip pens (Black)

1     set of headphones for the computer (NOT ear buds) in a Ziploc, labeled with student’s name


Supplies are shared in class, PLEASE DO NOT LABEL.

One LARGE Bookbag-Wheeled bookbags are NOT PERMITTED