Military Resources

Dear Military Families,

Centreville Elementary School is proud to announce that we are currently applying for the Virginia Distinguished Purple Star School Award!  Our hope is that this program helps us to provide better resources and supports to military families transitioning to our school community.  Fairfax County Public Schools is also supporting our efforts by providing military families with a variety of resources found on this site:

Military Resources for Families Entering & Exiting FCPS schools:

In addition to the county resources, Centreville Elementary has taken the following action steps to help honor and support our military families:

  1. We have developed a Peer Transition Team where students from military families are given a special tour of our school in an effort to welcome them into our community. 
  1. We host an annual event called “Centreville Honors Our Veterans” event every year on Veterans Day.  At this event we invite military parents & relatives to come in to be guest readers / speakers in our classrooms and we honor our Veterans with a special luncheon and a flag dedication ceremony.
  1. We have trained certain staff members to better understand how to support our military families

If you are a military family who would like to know more about the resources and supports we provide for military families please reach out to Andrew Blount & Aubrey Thorne.

Thank you,

Andrew Blount, Assistant Principal, School-Based Military Student Point of Contact, @email

Aubrey Thorne, Librarian, School-Based Student Transition Team Coordinator, @email