School Improvement Plan

Outcome goals for the 2018-2019 academic school year

End of Year SMARTR Outcome: Collaboration

By June 2019, 100% of all students will demonstrate increasing levels of proficiency in the skill of "collaboration" as measured by the P.O.G. collaborator rubric.

Strategy 1

All teachers will participate in year-long professional learning focused on embedding collaboration skills into the classroom setting.

Strategy 2

Teachers will implement new learning in a "plan-do-reflect" cycle each month.  Professional Learning Teams will design direct instruction of P.O.G. skills laid out in the Collaborator Vertical Articulation document.

Strategy 3

Teams will practice and reinforce collaboration skills by designing and implementing Problem Based Learning opportunities in classrooms.


End of Year SMARTR Outcome:  Math

By June 2019 the Math SOL pass rate for students receiving special education services will increase from 55% to 70%.

Strategy 1

Increase access to solid core (tier 1) instruction for students receiving special education support in math.

Strategy 2

Increase the teacher knowledge of and utilization of best practice instruction in mathematics for our students with disabilities.


End of Year SMARTR Outcome: Positive Relationships

According to a student survey, data will show that 100% of all students will be able to identify at least one adult in the building with whom they have a positive relationship.

Strategy 1

Teachers will identify the SPED students who did not specify having a positive relationship with an adult and create interventions and strategies to help students build a relationship with staff members.

Strategy 2

Teachers will work to maintain and strengthen existing positive relationships through embedding "big 5" professional learning into the classroom environment (Responsive Classroom, Cooperative Learning, Outdoor Learning, Executive Functioning, and Global Classroom).

Strategy 3

We will use the already existing Eagle Aide Mentor program to intentionally pair students and teachers to foster positive relationships.


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