CES Birthday Celebrations

August 21, 2019

                                                               CES BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS

Dear Families,


This year at CES, we are improving our procedures for recognizing student birthdays. Birthdays are special and significant milestones in each student’s life and we understand the importance of recognizing these days. We also want to encourage school wide health and wellness, protect students with serious life-threatening food allergies and minimize the loss of valuable instructional time. To accomplish these four goals, please review the following guidelines that will be in effect this year.


We recognize that parents and families often want to recognize their children’s birthdays during the school day. We are encouraging healthy and creative options. Please make a choice from the list below. You may choose one option.


To celebrate my child’s special day, we would like:


_____: The class to enjoy 5-10 extra minutes of recess

_____: To donate a library book in my child’s name (Send in a $15 check to librarian made out to CES. A name plate and birthday message will be put in the book.)

_____: To send in a token for each student in class (Ex. Pencils, bookmarks, stickers, erasers, games, etc.)

_____: To send in a food item for the class.

  • If you choose to send in a food treat, please follow these procedures:
    1. Let your child’s teacher know at least two days before you send the treat in, so he/she can let the parent of the student with a food allergy know so they can send in an alternate treat that day. I will send the treats on _______.
    2. Food items may only be passed out to your child’s class.
    3. All food items must be store purchased and individually wrapped, please check all ingredients to ensure no food items contain any type of nut products.
    4. We encourage you to consider providing a healthy food item such as pretzels, carrot sticks, fruit, and raisins.
    5. These items will be distributed at the end of the school day and sent home with classmates.


STUDENT NAME: _____________________________________________


BIRTHDATE: _________________________________________________


PARENT SIGNATURE: __________________________________________